Kiddieland Preschool &


Great place for children ages 2-6 year round.  Kiddieland encourages our little learners to lead.  There are multiple times throughout our days where we offer moments of the children to help be leaders for others.




Where LEADERS begin..

Call o                                                  Call or text us today at: 
949.903-​KIDS (5437)

Aliso Viejo preschool

Teaching Aliso Viejo children since 1994.  

Potty training included if necessary.​

-Days filled with In-Depth explorations, delight and curiosity

-Promote development of the emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of each child

-We encourage children to Analyze, Discuss, Evaluate, Justify, Explain

Religion class (optional) 1-2x per week

COMMON CORE PREP for elementary years.

-Kindergarten Readiness

-Life/Social Skills

-Security entrance

-Licensed Staff

Full and part time availability.  

F/T Hours are: 7:30am-5:30pm